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There are many causes for hair loss. Alongside hereditary disposition, diets, unbalanced nutrition, intensive exercise and in particular stress are all possible triggers for hair loss. All of these factors could impair the supply of energy to the hair roots and hence reduce hair growth.

Dr. Wolff Research has developed Plantur 21 especially for this type of hair loss. It contains a nutri-caffeine complex that contains caffeine, the energy vitamins niacin and biotin and the minerals calcium and magnesium. This complex supplies the hair root with the necessary reserves so that the hair can continue to grow in a healthy and strong manner.

Plantur 39 prevents hereditary hair loss that only begins with the menopause. During this phase, the production of oestrogen, that also protects the hair, is reduced and the male hormone has a stronger, growth-retarding influence on the hair. Therefore the hair roots require additional growth energy. Plantur 39 was developed in order to meet these requirements. It contains energy-boosting caffeine as well as additional biologically active plant extracts from white tea, soya and black cohosh, which have generally proved themselves to be valuable for menopausal complaints.

Plantur 21 is focused on supplying the hair roots. Because, even without the menopause, the hair root is exposed to numerous attacks. The hair requires caffeine as an energy booster in order to remain healthy and resilient. The so-called micronutrients have an additional effect: the two vitamins niacin and biotin and the minerals calcium and magnesium. All of these micronutrients contribute towards healthy and strong hair. The Plantur 21 nutri-caffeine complex makes the hair more resilient to stress and an insufficient supply.

No, the two different shampoos have been designed for different types of hair loss.

Plantur 21 with its nutri-caffeine complex prevents poor hair growth and hair loss that is triggered by stress and an insufficient supply to the hair roots.

Plantur 39 on the other hand prevents hereditary hair loss. The phyto-caffeine complex helps the hair root to protect itself against the consequences of a decreasing level of oestrogen.

Hair growth will in fact normalise after pregnancy since the hormone levels also change again. As a result, the loss of hair will become steadily less. However, if you are uncertain or wish to speed up the normalisation process, you can use the Plantur 21 products – Shampoo and Elixir.

First, you should check what are the possible causes for your unusual loss of hair. A dermatologist could help here with a hair consultation. If pathological causes are excluded, then there could be a number of different factors. Increased burdens (stress, nutrition or professional burdens) among other things could be the trigger. The nutri-caffeine complex in Plantur 21 has been specially developed for this type of hair loss. Therefore, you can prevent poor hair growth and premature hair loss.

The nutri-caffeine complex is a particularly active energy complex consisting of caffeine and micronutrients. Micronutrients are essential components such as the vitamin biotin and the minerals calcium, zinc and magnesium. They make sensitive hair roots more resilient and support hair growth. Due to these ingredients, the nutri-caffeine complex can prevent excessive hair loss, for example due to stress or insufficient nutrition.

The hair roots react very sensitively to a lack of energy and a hair that is still growing can be rejected prematurely. Increased hair loss is the result. The nutri-caffeine complex improves the energy supply to the hair root and stabilises the growth phases.

The hair root is very small but performs at maximum capacity and therefore requires an optimal supply of energy. Even small deficiencies can lead to the ongoing hair growth process ending too soon. The hair falls out prematurely and is mostly also finer and more fragile.

Illnesses, some pharmaceuticals and also problematic living conditions such as long-term stress, seasonal influences or unbalanced nutrition can be the cause of poor hair growth. In some cases, however, no causes can be identified.

For intensive treatment and prevention, it is recommended to use both products. Additional usage of the Plantur 21 Nutri-Caffeine Elixir is particularly suitable for people who do not wash their hair daily.

Regular and long-term application of Plantur 21 products is required in order to successfully prevent premature hair loss and poor hair growth. After all, the hair root is exposed to high levels of stress every day and therefore requires a continuous energy supply.

Distribute a walnut-sized amount of the shampoo evenly in wet hair and massage it into the scalp. Leave it to act on the scalp for 2 minutes - from the time of application to being rinsed off.

The scalp tonic can be applied directly to the entire scalp or to the areas that are affected with the dosage tip, parting by parting. Then massage it in and allow to dry briefly. Do not rinse out!