Frequently asked questions

#longhair Oh Wow! Spray

No, the Plantur 21 Oh Wow! Spray should not be rinsed out. Contained care ingredients make your hair shine and easier to comb.

The Plantur 21 Oh Wow! Spray can be used daily – either directly after shampooing in towel-dried hair or for a daily refreshment. As the spray includes heat protection, we recommend refreshing your hair with the spray right before styling it with heat.

Sure! The Plantur 21 Oh Wow! Spray conditions your hair and makes it shinier no matter if you plan to straighten, blow-dry or curl your hair afterwards.

Depending on your hair type, we recommend to concentrate the Plantur 21 Oh Wow! Spray in the lengths and tips of your hair. It may happen to very fine or oily hair that the care ingredients weighs down your hair or it becomes greasy more quicky.