How to get longer hair

Tips for long hair

Hair shows the world a part of your personality and is often given a new colour or style. Here you will find tricks to help you achieve your dream of long hair more quickly. We also include tips on how to keep long hair moisturised and looking as healthy as possible.

Shampoos for long hair

There are shampoos and active ingredients that encourage longer hair growth and will bring you one step closer to your dream of long hair.

The active ingredient caffeine supplies the hair roots with new energy to improve the growth of your hair. Daily use and an exposure time of 2 minutes extend the growth phase and your hair can grow longer.

Special care shampoos also reduce breakage and split ends. These kinds of hair damage often stand in the way of beautiful, long hair.

Read on for more tips on how to care properly for long hair.

Caring for long hair

A woman applies a hair mask to her hair.

Above all else, long hair needs the right care if it is to look healthy and grow longer since it is susceptible to breakage and split ends.

In the process of growing your hair, it is often pushed to its limits: Styling and dyeing stress the hair, and rubbing back and forth against the shoulders, scarves or hair ties can cause breakage and split ends.

The right care routine is the key to strong, long hair.

These tips will help you achieve your goal:

  • Care is good, but not too much. Make sure that you do not use care products to excess, otherwise you will lose volume. However, it is still wise to use a conditioner and hair mask on a regular basis.
  • A head massage stimulates the blood flow. This is good for hair growth.
  • The right brush is important when it comes to caring for your hair and preventing breakage while brushing. Therefore, get rid of your old, damaged brush as quickly as possible and invest in a high-quality brush.
  • Eating the right foods can also improve hair growth; a balanced and healthy diet is key to healthy hair. Polyunsaturated fatty acids, biotin, protein and zinc are particularly good nutrient suppliers. More information on diet can be found here.
  • It may sound counterproductive, but it can help: Regularly visiting your hairdresser to have your ends trimmed keeps hair healthy, which allows it to grow better and fewer split ends develop. You should have your ends trimmed every 6 to 10 weeks.
  • Hormones affect hair growth. If your hair is not gaining any length, this may be due to the pill. Talk to your doctor about this.
  • A smooth pillow cover (e.g. silk, satin) as well as dabbing instead of rubbing the hair dry after washing leads to less splitting and breakage. This gives your hair a better chance of growing.

What hinders hair growth?

Many factors can stand in the way of your dream of long hair:

Extreme stress over a long period of time can have a negative effect on hair growth and can even cause hair to fall out. More information and reasons for hair loss can be found here.

Alcohol and smoking have a negative effect on your metabolism and therefore on hair growth. Alcohol can also dry out the hair, which causes split ends.

Excessive styling and using a hairdryer, straighteners or a curling iron attack the hair and can dry it out. It is best to let your hair air-dry or let it partially dry and then use a hairdryer from a distance and on the lowest setting.

Bad-quality brushes can quickly damage your hair. If the plastic caps on the tip of the bristles come off, the metal will scratch and break the hair. A good brush is therefore essential for taking good care of your hair and avoiding breakage.

Bleaching or dyeing can also have a negative impact on the hair structure.

Tip: If you want to track your hair growth, you can mark your hair length on an old t-shirt and repeat this each month. This is an ideal way for measuring your progress.