Caffeine to prevent hair loss

Caffeine is a true all-rounder and does wonders for our bodies. The substance is known from coffee, cola etc. But what exactly can this active ingredient do and what effect does caffeine have on hair loss?

The active ingredient caffeine

Caffeine is one of the world's best known stimulants and is found in coffee, for example. It is a white, odourless powder with a bitter taste and looks like icing sugar. The active ingredient has proven itself useful for hair growth thanks to its stimulating properties. A study conducted by the Centre for Cosmetic Research in Rome confirmed that a caffeine complex can promote hair growth.

A bowl of white caffeine powder and two glass carafes stand in the laboratory.
A small heap of caffeine powder has been put in a glass bowl.

Highly concentrated caffeine in the Dr. Wolff Research laboratory

The effects of caffeine

Everyone knows about the stimulating effect of caffeine. But it also has many positive effects on health:

  • It stimulates the metabolism, heart function and breathing
  • It can protect against liver cancer and diabetes
  • It regulates the sensation of hunger
  • Particularly important for women: Caffeine can even have a favourable effect in connection with breast cancer
  • It can also help to reduce the risk of skin cancer

The substance can also stimulate hair growth: Caffeine can be absorbed transdermally (through the skin) via the scalp. Scientific studies prove that it penetrates the hair follicle after an exposure time of two minutes. The substance is stored here and its stimulating effect can develop. The hair roots can store caffeine for up to 24 hours.. The caffeine reaches the scalp each time the hair is washed and its positive effect can unfold: Hair activity is boosted and hair loss reduced.

The 5 effects of caffeine

Caffeine for stress-related or premature hair loss

The hair root requires energy for strong and healthy growth. If you suffer from premature or stress-related hair loss, this is not available in sufficient quantities. In the active growth phase, the hair needs a lot of energy. Hair in the growth phase in particular is very sensitive to the lack of energy. If the energy requirements cannot be met, then poor hair growth or hair loss are possible consequences.

Caffeine can counter these effects. It supports the supply of energy to the hair root and prevents degradation of the important energy carrier cAMP. This allows the growth phases to be extended to their normal length again as well as healthy, strong hair growth.

Not a day without caffeine

Many people cannot go a day without caffeine. The hair roots are no exception. Studies prove that the caffeine is available in the hair roots for up to 24 hours and can support the supply of energy. The hair roots should therefore be treated with caffeine every day in order to prevent premature or stress-related hair loss and to boost hair growth.

Daily application of a caffeine shampoo activates the hair roots, thereby creating the prerequisites for vigorous and healthy hair growth. More information about why "Not a day without caffeine" should be your motto can be found here.