Frequently asked questions

#longhair Nutri Conditioner

Micronutrients (biotin, zinc, calcium and magnesium) and caffeine help prevent the valuable active ingredients that are absorbed during the application of the Plantur 21 #longhair Shampoo from being rinsed out.

Fruit acid and cashmere strengthen the hair structure and smooth the hair surface. The hair immediately gains shine and brilliance. It also makes brushing your hair easier.

You should generally use a conditioning product to help your hair gain shine and to make brushing easier after washing it. The Conditioner was developed in a way that allows application after every wash without weighing the hair down.

Simply distribute a hazelnut-sized quantity throughout your wet hair and rinse out thoroughly after 30 seconds.

Works perfectly with the Plantur 21 #longhair Shampoo.

Frequent straightening, blow-drying, highlighting and colouring stress the hair. To provide the hair with sufficient care, the Plantur 21 #longhair Conditioner should be used after every hair wash.

The included colour pigments are used in such small quantities that a colouring effect can be ruled out.

A shampoo is primarily meant to clean the hair and scalp. After washing, the hair’s scaly layer is not fully closed. A conditioner closes the hair and provides it with optimal shine and excellent combability.

The micronutrients and caffeine in the Plantur 21 #longhair Conditioner help protect the valuable active ingredients absorbed during the application of the Shampoo from being rinsed out.