What is the difference between Plantur 39 and Plantur 21?

Plantur 39 prevents hereditary hair loss that only starts in women during menopause. During this phase, the production of estrogen, which also protects the hair, decreases, while the male hormone has a strong, growth-inhibiting impact on the hair. As a result, the hair roots need additional energy. Plantur 39 was developed to address this need. It contains energy-supplying caffeine as well as biologically active botanical extracts from white tea, soy and black cohosh, which are generally tried and tested for menopausal problems.

Plantur 21 specially addresses the nourishment of the hair roots. Even without menopausal problems, the hair roots are exposed to numerous attacks. To keep them healthy and resistant, the hair needs caffeine as an energy enhancer. An additional effect is provided by so-called micronutrients: the two vitamins niacin and biotin as well as the minerals calcium and magnesium. Each of these micronutrients contributes to healthy, strong hair. This way, the Plantur 21 Nutri-Caffeine Complex supports the hair roots’ resistance against stress and nutrient deficiency of the hair.

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