Poor hair growth? Premature hair loss?

Both occur in young women more frequently than you may think. Often, the reason is that the extremely high energy requirement of actively growing hair roots is not sufficiently met. 

In order to produce healthy, strong hair, a hair root uses about 800% more energy than the resting organ. This energy process is easily thrown off balance.

Possible triggers can be burdens such as mental or physical stress (exam stress, competitive sports, lack of sleep, shift work, stress through family and/or job) but also a nutrient deficit due to an unbalanced diet or weight loss diet.

If several causes are combined, this can lead to a lack of energy and a supply deficit of micronutrients. In this case, the hair roots take an involuntary break – poor hair growth and hair loss are the consequence.

Conventional hair care alone won’t help. Instead, the problem must be directly tackled at the hair root. After 120 seconds, the active caffeine can penetrate the hair root and unfold its effect.