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Boosts the growth energy of young hair roots

Do you suffer from poor hair growth or premature hair loss? This could be caused by stress or an unbalanced diet. The unique nutri-caffeine complex in Plantur 21 (shampoo and elixir) counters the resulting consequences for the hair. It activates the hair roots and improves hair growth.

Further care products (conditioner and hydro-spray) make ideal additions to the product range.

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helps to combat poor hair growth and premature hair loss

Did you know that stress, lack of nutrients and dieting can cause hair loss?

Why does women suffer from hair loss after giving birth?

Plantur 21 – explains

Tips and tricks for your hair

This is how Plantur 21 works

Stressful times in life can mean that there is insufficient growth energy available to our hair roots. Plantur 21 products help to balance out the lack of energy!

Poor hair growth

Poor hair growth in young women is not unusual and can be traced back to a number of different reasons. Learn more about the possible causes here.

Not a day without caffeine

Do you want to have healthy and full hair? Plantur 21 products provide your hair roots with caffeine - in this way, hair growth is stimulated and supported!