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Hair loss has many causes. Apart from hereditary predisposition, weight loss diets, an unbalanced diet, intensive exercise and primarily stress are possible hair loss triggers. All of these factors can negatively impact the hair roots’ energy supply, thereby decreasing hair growth.

Dr. Wolff R&D has developed Plantur 21 especially for this type of hair loss. It contains a nutri-caffeine complex that includes caffeine, the energy vitamins niacin and biotin as well as the minerals calcium and magnesium. This complex provides the hair roots with the necessary reserves so the hair can continue to grow healthily and vigorously.

Plantur 39 helps to prevent hereditary hair loss that only starts in women during menopause. During this phase, the production of estrogen, which also protects the hair, decreases and the male hormone has a strong, growth-inhibiting impact on the hair. As a result, the hair roots need additional growth energy. Plantur 39 was developed to cover this requirement. It contains energy-supplying caffeine as well as biologically active botanical extracts from white tea, soy and black cohosh, which are generally tried and tested for menopausal problems.

Plantur 21 specially addresses the supply of the hair roots. Even without menopausal problems, the hair roots are exposed to numerous attacks. To keep them healthy and resistant, the hair needs caffeine as an energy enhancer. An additional effect is provided by so-called micronutrients: the two vitamins niacin and biotin as well as the minerals calcium and magnesium. Each of these micronutrients makes a contribution to healthy, strong hair. This way, the Plantur 21 nutri-caffeine complex supports the hair roots’ resistance against stress and supply deficits of the hair.

No, the two shampoos were conceptualized for different types of hair loss.

With the nutri-caffeine complex, Plantur 21 helps to prevent poor hair growth and hair loss that was triggered by stress and a supply deficit of the hair roots.

Plantur 39, on the other hand, helps to prevent hereditary hair loss. The phyto-caffeine complex helps the hair roots protect themselves against consequences of decreasing estrogen levels.

Basically, hair growth will normalize after pregnancy, since hormone levels change again, too. As a result, hair loss will become weaker over time. However, if you are uncertain or wish to speed up the process of normalization, you can use Plantur 21 Nutri-Caffeine Shampoo.

First you should examine the possible causes for your unusual hair loss. A dermatologist who deals with hair issues will be able to help you. If pathological causes have been excluded, the factors may be diverse. Among others, increased burdens (general stress, nutrition, stress on the job) can be the triggers. The nutri-caffeine complex in Plantur 21 was especially developed for this form of hair loss. You can use it to prevent poor hair growth and premature hair loss.

The nutri-caffeine complex is a particularly active energy complex from caffeine and micronutrients. Micronutrients are essential components such as the vitamins niacin and biotin as well as the minerals calcium and magnesium. They make sensitive hair roots more resistant and support hair growth. Based on these ingredients, the nutri-caffeine complex can prevent excessive hair loss, e.g. during stress or nutritional deficits.

Hair roots react very sensitively to supply deficits and can shed the growing hair prematurely. Increased hair loss would be the consequence. The nutri-caffeine complex improves the hair roots’ energy supply and stabilizes the growth phases.

While the hair root is very small, it exhibits maximum performance and therefore needs an optimal supply. Even small deficits may lead to the ongoing growth process of the hair to be terminated too early. It falls out prematurely and is typically also finer and more brittle.

Diseases, some pharmaceuticals, but also problematic life circumstances such as continuing stress, seasonal impacts or an unbalanced diet can be the cause for poor hair growth. However, in some cases no cause can be identified at all.

In order to successfully prevent premature hair loss and poor hair growth, regular and long-term application of the Plantur 21 products is necessary. The hair roots are exposed to high stress levels every single day and therefore require a continuous energy supply.

Evenly distribute a walnut-sized quantity of the shampoo in wet hair and massage into the scalp. Leave on the scalp for two minutes – from application to rinse.