Hair problems and how they develop

Fragile hair, split ends and dry tips - nearly every women will know these hair problems. Here we provide an overview of the most frequent hair problems and the causes of damaged hair.

How can you recognise damaged hair?

A woman checks the ends of her hair for damage.

When our hair is healthy, it feels smooth and silky. If the hair has been placed under a great deal of stress, it is rougher, duller and more matt. You can recognise damaged hair from the following symptoms:

  • Rupture of hair (lacking strength)
  • Hair is difficult to comb
  • Split ends
  • Matt hair, lacking shine
  • Frizzing of the hair
  • Little volume
  • The hair feels dry

What causes damaged hair?

In particular external influences can damage the hair - styling, long periods of sun bathing or chlorine water in a swimming pool. Your hair is primarily damaged by these factors:

  • Chemical treatment, e.g. from bleaching, dyeing, straightening or a perm
  • Heat, e.g. from hair drying, hair curlers or hair straighteners
  • Physical stress, e.g. from strong brushing or a tight ponytail
  • UV radiation
  • Water retention

How can Plantur 21 help with damaged hair?

Damaged hair in particular requires a lot of care. That's why the Plantur 21 products contain strengthening and conditioning substances to leave the hair feeling better. Our products have also been specially developed to meet the needs of coloured hair. With the unique nutri-caffeine complex in Plantur 21 Nutri-Caffeine Shampoo, the hair roots are strengthened and hair growth is stimulated. The Nutri Conditioner from Plantur 21 contains fruit acid and active avocado ingredients that strengthen the structure and smooth the surface of the hair. The hair is instantly left shinier and more radiant and, at the same time, can be combed more easily.