Causes of poor hair growth in young women

One often initially considers hair loss to be a symptom of aging. But young women are also frequently affected by poor hair growth or premature hair loss. This can be due to a number of reasons. Here, you can find out more about the causes of hair loss in young women.

Sufficient supply of energy for strong hair

A frequent reason for premature hair loss or poor hair growth in young women is an insufficient supply of energy to the hair roots. Your hairs are in a continuous growth cycle. As a result, the energy needs for active growth hair roots are extremely high. If these needs cannot be met, then poor hair growth and premature hair loss are possible consequences. 

The hair's growth cycle

The hair's growth cycle

The hair's growth cycle is divided into three phases, the active growth phase, the transition phase and the resting phase.

  1. The active growth phase (anagen): Hair production takes place here. This process can last between four and eight years.
  2. The transition phase (catagen): The hair follicles become detached in this phase. It lasts several weeks.
  3. The resting phase (telogen): The hair now falls out and the follicle regenerates. This can take between two and six months. 

There then follows a renewed active growth phase (anagen): The process has now come full circle and the active growth phase starts once again - the hair root produces a new hair.

If there is a lack of energy and a deficiency in the supply of micronutrients, the hair roots take a break, possibly an involuntary one - poor hair growth and hair loss are the consequences. The Plantur 21 products support hair growth and ensure sufficient energy at the hair roots.

Reasons for an insufficient energy supply

Young women are frequently confronted with many burdens. These deprive the body of energy and valuable micronutrients (for example vitamins and minerals) that are essential for healthy hair growth. The causes of poor hair growth and premature hair loss can be very varied: 

  • Emotional stress: exams, family problems or professional difficulties can have a negative effect on hair growth.
  • Physical stress: Competitive sport, lack of sleep or shift work deprive the body of a large amount of energy.
  • Nutrition and diets: Unbalanced nutrition and crash diets can be responsible for poor hair growth and premature hair loss.

The energy requirements in the body increase due to these stress factors. The energy therefore no longer gets to the hair roots, it is required by the body in other places. If the hair root is no longer sufficiently supplied with micronutrients, this will result in poor hair growth and premature hair loss.

Additional causes of hair loss

Pregnancy/birth control pills: The period of time after a pregnancy or stopping taking birth control pills could result in increased hair loss due to the hormonal changes. This hormonal change will, however, even out after a couple of weeks or months and the hair growth will normalise again.

Menopausal hair loss: Increased hair loss may also occur after an age of around forty years. This can be caused as a result of the hormonal changes due to the menopause. This is where the Plantur 39 products come in - they have been specially developed to meet the needs of hair over the age of forty.

Possible manifestations

A lack of energy supply and the undersupply of micronutrients could have the following effect:

  • Hair loss of more than 100 hairs a day
  • Increased amounts of hair in your brush, on the pillow and in the shower or bathtub.
  • The scalp becomes visible
  • The hairline recedes
  • Thinned hair in the area where the hair is parted
  • The hair parting becomes bigger
  • The hair feels thinner
  • The hair loses volume
  • The hair becomes fragile and stressed
Possible manifestations of hair loss in young women

Start the self-test!

Would you like to know whether you suffer from poor hair growth or premature hair loss due to a lack of energy? There is a simple test to find this out.

Simply count the number of hairs on your pillow. Brush your hair over the washbasin before washing your hair and also count these hairs. 

20-30 hairs: Hair loss is on the low side and is within the normal range.

30-100 hairs: Hair loss is elevated. The Plantur 21 products could help you to minimise hair loss.

> 100 hairs: Hair loss is extremely high. We would recommend that you apply Plantur 21 products regularly in order to strengthen your hair again.