Ideal nutrient supply for healthy hair growth.

Young women are also frequently affected by poor hair growth. The reason for this could be an insufficient supply of nutrients. Read here how you can supply your hair optimally with nutrients and encourage hair growth.

Nutrients for your hair

Balanced nutrition is important to boost your hair growth and to ensure a healthy hair structure. This ensures a good supply of energy and nutrients to the hair roots. The following nutrients in particular are important for healthy hair growth:

  • Essential amino acids (e.g. in nuts or fish)
  • Essential fatty acids (e.g. in oil)
  • Mineral nutrients and trace elements (e.g. in fruit and vegetables)
  • Oxygen

Reduce negative influences

Our lifestyle affects our hair growth. As a result, negative influences should be reduced or avoided. This includes for example:

  • Unbalanced nutrition
  • Diets
  • Physical and mental stress
  • Frequent or continuous wearing of head coverings that lie close to the head

Plantur 21 for healthy hair growth

But it is not always possible to remove stress or other negative influences. Alongside balanced nutrition, we can therefore also supply our hair with important nutrients via hair care products. With Plantur 21 products, you can support the supply of energy to your hair roots to prevent poor hair growth and premature hair loss.