#longhair Booster

Yes, but wait a little until the booster has been absorbed. You can leave it to air dry or blow dry it. You can then use your styling products as usual

No, the booster must not be rinsed out. It has been developed so that it is absorbed into the scalp after application. Simply apply it to the scalp, parting by parting, and massage in. Then allow it to dry and do not rinse out

The booster can be used on both dry and wet hair. A daily dose of caffeine is important for the roots if you want to have long hair, but not everyone wants to wash their hair every day. This is why this booster is especially suited for those non-wash days.

To provide the hair roots with sufficient growth energy consistently, a daily dose of caffeine is important! The booster’s nutri-caffeine complex forms an active ingredient depot which is sufficient for up to 24 hours.

Plantur 21 #longhair Booster contains activating caffeine, which supplies the roots with energy and keeps them active for longer hair growth. It also contains micronutrients such as biotin, zinc and magnesium, which promote a healthy scalp.

Alcohol is not harmful to the scalp and has no negative effects on the hair. The alcohol helps Plantur 21 #longhair Booster to be quickly absorbed and transport the active ingredients even through more oily skin layers. This is important for those who wish to use the booster every day but do not wish to wash their hair on a daily basis.

Regular use of Plantur 21 #longhair Booster protects the roots from a lack of energy. This means that they always have a sufficient energy supply for longer hair growth. It is therefore recommended to use the booster on a regular and longer basis.

Generally, the alcohol in the #longhair Booster has a cleansing and refreshing effect on the scalp. The product is absorbed without leaving any residue. However, every scalp is different so the reactions can vary.