Things worth knowing about micronutrients

A sufficient supply of micronutrients is essential for healthy and strong hair. But what actually are micronutrients and how do they work?

Micronutrients take on important tasks in the body

The micronutrients are

• Vitamins,
• Minerals,
• Trace elements
• And secondary plant compounds

They all have different tasks in our body. Among other things, they are responsible for ensuring that all metabolism processes run smoothly. This includes hair growth. It is therefore important to ensure a sufficient supply of micronutrients.

An all-rounder in the body: Micronutrients

Mineral substances are micronutrients that humans require in order to regulate the metabolic processes along with carbohydrates, proteins and fats (macronutrients) and vitamins. Mineral substances play an essential role in electrolyte and water balance and are also fundamental for the immune system and for the structure and the functioning of bones, muscles and teeth. They are needed for the visual process and the nervous system and are also involved in blood coagulation and in reproduction, cell division and cell differentiation processes. Equally, they play an important role in hair growth.

Minerals are important for:

  • Metabolic processes in the body
  • Our electrolyte and water balance
  • Our immune system
  • The structure and the functioning of bones, muscles and teeth
  • Sight
  • Our nervous system
  • Blood coagulation
  • Reproduction, cell division and cell differentiation
  • Healthy hair growth

How many minerals does the body require?

Minerals are inorganic nutritional components. They occur in plant-based and animal-based foodstuffs. The human organism requires different amounts of minerals and therefore minerals are divided into bulk elements and trace elements.

Which minerals does the body need

How does the body absorb minerals?

The insufficient supply of minerals is somewhat rare for people in Germany who have a varied diet. Balanced nutrition with natural foodstuffs such as fruit, vegetables, bread, meat and cheese generally guarantees a sufficient supply of minerals.

There could however be an insufficient supply due to diets or physical or mental stress, in particular among young women. This insufficient supply can be evident due to hair loss or poor hair growth.